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Seattle, WA - 98126

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Head Start provides a range of parental involvement, health, comprehensive education, and family support services for early childhood education.

1.Complete a Seattle Public Schools Head Start Application.

2. Attach the following documents to submit with your application: Proof of your Childs Birth Date (a copy of one of the following) Birth Certificate  Passport  Permanent Resident Card Proof of your family income for the last calendar year or the most recent 12 months such as: o Income tax form for the past year o W-2 form for the past year o Employer letter stating total gross earnings o TANF/Working Connections Award/Change Letter o Self declaration statements acceptable under certain conditions

3. Submit your application and other documents to the main office of SPS Head Start at the John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence located at 2445 Third Avenue South (Mailing address: Mail Stop 31-555, P.O. Box 34165, Seattle, WA 98124), or at an Enrollment Service Center.

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