Staten Island Head Start Dongan Hills

44 Dongan Hills Avenue
Staten Island , NY - 10305

(646) 808-6877

The SIMHS's four Head Start/Early Learn Centers  serve more than 300 children (at any one time) between the ages of 3 and 5 each year. Pre-K is offered at each Head Start center.

To be eligible for Head Start, a family's income must meet federal guidelines. There are no fees or tuition, and free transportation is provided.

About Head Start
There are many transitions that Head Start children experience. Whether a child is coming to school for the first time, transferring to a new classroom, or leaving Head Start, these events can be very stressful to a young child and his/her family. The following are the ways in which Head Start staff helps both children and families with these transitions.
Transition from Home to Head Start:
Families are invited to an open house to see our program.
    Parents come to the center and complete an Intake Packet, while children visit classrooms to experience a Taste of Head Start.
    Teachers and Family Advocates go on home visits to continue to build the relationship that started at the open house.
    Parents attend the Parent Orientation to learn about all the programs the school has to offer both parents and children.
    Children start the first two days of school as half days to support their  adjustment to school.
    Teachers create lesson plans that reflect the need for children to adjust to school and learn the daily routine.
    Parents have a get-acquainted day to get to know staff and each other.

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