Dixie Sun Elementary School

1795 W 1230 N
Saint George, UT - 84770

(435) 673-8978


Necessary Documentation for Application:

-Birth Certificate (must include child's name, birth date, and parent's names.)

-Income verification, one of the following: 

     -Tax Return Form 1040, W2 form, last 3 pay stubs paycheck stubs, letter from employer, or letter from TANF Insurance card (If you have private insurance, Medicaid, CHIP, etc.)

-Immunization Record (must have all or be on schedule with the following vaccinations 4 HIB 4 DTaP 3 Polio 1 MMR 3 HEP B 2 HEP A Pneumococcal or PCV-7 1 Varicella or proof of chicken pox)

[If applicable] Proof of Public Assistance (SSI, DWFS, Child Care Assistance, Food stamps)

[If applicable] A referral letter and/or IEP (Individualized Education Plan) if your child has special need

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