Cora Kelly

3600 Commonwealth Ave
Alexandria, VA - 22305

(703) 706-4420

Registration and Enrollment Information Head Start Registration is held in mid-March of each year. All low-income families and families of children with special needs living in Alexandria are invited to register. Children are accepted into Head Start based on income eligibility and the needs of the family, and are ranked according to a point system (link to point system document) to ensure that the children of families with the most need are served by the program. If a family who qualifies for Head Start services (based on income eligibility and need) is not accepted due to limited space in the program, they will be offered a space on the waiting list (based on point ranking) for that year. Head Start endeavors to serve families on the waiting list as space permits. The Enrollment Fair for all new and returning children is held in mid-June of each year. Attendance of the Enrollment Fair is mandatory for all families either enrolling or re-enrolling their children into Head Start. A

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