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Mekusukey Mission - Head Start

Hwy 99 and Hwy 59
Seminole, OK - 74868
(405) 382-6126

Mekusukey Mission 2 - Head Start

12556 NS 354
Seminole, OK - 74868
(405) 382-4106

Mekusukey Mission Center - Head Start

Hwy 99 & 59
Seminole, OK - 74868
(405) 382-6126

Seminole EHS - Head Start

1104 Jefferson St
Seminole, OK - 74868 311
(405) 303-2224
Head Start / Early Head Start Enrollment Qualifications: Age : Between 2 weeks and 3 years for Early Head Start. Age : Between 3 years and 5 years for Head Start. At least 10% of enrollment opportunities are for children with disabilities. Expectant Mothers can begin the application proces.. click for more details..

Seminole Head Start - Head Start

200 W. Seminole
Seminole, OK - 74868
(405) 382-4800

Seminole Nation of Oklahoma - Head Start

P.O. Box 1316
Seminole, OK - 74818
(405) 382-4186

Seminole, Oklahoma Head Start & Early Head Start provides locations of head start and early head start programs along with details on how to apply.

Head Start Reviews

Before you apply check the school program reviews. We provide crowd sourced reviews of area programs.

Eligibility Requirements

We provide information such as eligibility rules and requirements for most of our listings. This can help you in your application when you apply for a head start or early head start program for your child.

Head Start Enrollment Ages

For the general Head Start program the ages of children are from 3 to 4 years old. For Early Head Start the ages for enrollment are from six weeks old to two years.