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Aaron L. Buschbaum Learning Center HS - Head Start

1120 May St
Savannah, GA - 31415
(912) 238-2965
Head Start and Early Head Start programs provide free learning services to children ages 0 to 5 from low-income families. Children with disabilities welcomed at Head Start Centers.Eligibility is based on family income at or below the poverty line according to the Poverty Guidelines established by th.. click for more details..

Annex Head Start - Jones Hall Center - Head Start

618 West Anderson Street
Savannah, GA - 31415
(912) 238-2965

Annex Head Start Cuyler Center - Head Start

618 W Anderson St
Savannah, GA - 31415
(912) 238-2965

B&S Academy - Head Start

800 Colbert Street
Savannah, GA - 31401 300
(912) 232-6810

Bethel Head Start - Head Start

1814 E 38th St
Savannah, GA - 31404
(912) 234-1609

BS Academy - Head Start

800 Colbert St
Savannah, GA - 31401

Cooper Head Start Center - Head Start

700 Davis Ave
Savannah, GA - 31408
(912) 238-2965

EOA for Savannah Chatham County, Inc. New Building - Head Start

1120 May Street
Savannah, GA - 31415-5470
(912) 238-2960

Family Resource Head Start Center - Head Start

705 East Anderson Street
Savannah, GA - 31401 701
(912) 238-2965
(912) 651-4294.. click for more details..

Fred Wessels Head Start Center - Head Start

200 E Broad St
Savannah, GA - 31401 414
(912) 238-2986

Happy 2 Tots Learning Center - Head Start

103 Horizon Park
Savannah, GA - 31405
(912) 663-0985

Kayton Head Start Center - Head Start

624 West Gwinnett Street
Savannah, GA - 31401 091
(912) 238-2984

Kingdom Life Head Start Center - Head Start

328 Tibet Avenue
Savannah, GA - 31406

Patterson Head Start Center - Head Start

300 Lewis Drive
Savannah, GA - 31406

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Head Start Enrollment Ages

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